Jamaica Raw DVD, Volume 3

In Volume three, we hear from three of the strongest women in the vegan raw food movement. Annette Larkins, Karyn Calabrese, and Annie Jubb. Watch them discuss topics such stress relief, beauty, ethics, vegetarianism, detoxification, and reminisce collectively on the moments that led them to put their old ways of thinking and "societal norms" aside and adopt the raw living food lifestyle.

Also featured in this video and the DVD is a fantastic Q&A session where these three goddesses of raw answer questions on the safety and benefits of fasting, vegan detox diets, cleansing techniques. Annette, Karyn and Annie also speak about understanding and fostering the mutual respect it requires when ones significant other is not sharing in the raw food diet experience with you.

DVD, 72 Minutes

Annette Larkins is an astonishing example of what a living food lifestyle can do for you. She has defied both time and genetics, and brings the wisdom of over fifty years of veganism (thirty of those raw) straight to You.

Karyn Calebrese is surely living foods entrepreneur supreme, opening three restaurants in her home city of Chicago, including the longest standing raw food restaurant in the country "Karyn's Raw Bistro". She admits that she is not a special person in any way and herein she succinctly describes the steps needed to be taken to elevate oneself to terrific new heights.

Annie Jubb Author, Lecturer, Former Television Host, is a pioneer of bio-based nutrition. She is widely recognized as a world authority on detoxifying the body and cell rejuvenation. Her influence has been the catalyst for the living food lifestyle and revolutionary raw diet trend that is sweeping across North America.

Jamaica Raw. Filmed in Jamaica, a series of discussions, lectures and demonstrations given by esteemed vegan raw and living food masters gathered from around the globe. We hope to share with you their wisdom, experience, and delicious raw recipes! Our mission is to spread to world the wholeness and health benefits provided by the phenomenal benefits of a raw diet, and the consumption of living foods.

DVD 72 Minutes


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